Frequently Asked Questions

It is a one-time fee. You will be covered until the strart of the next school year. You will not have to pay anything additional for the rest of the year.
No, the receipt you receive after enrollment will serve as proof of insurance. You can download the receipt at the end of the online enrollment process and will also get one by email which will be sent to the (parentís) email address as listed on the account.
If you enroll online, you will be covered immediately after your credit card is approved. If you mail a check (not suggested), you will be covered once your check clears and we record the transaction.
No, you can go to any doctors you wish but if you go to facilities inside the Preferred Care network, you may get a discount.
Yes, the insurance is tied to a master policy that is purchased by your school district so it is only available to students that go to school within the district.